Optimise your processes by minimising the risk of contamination of your goods and thus preventing recalls

Advanced security with our market innovation Unisto Pharmaflex Detect.

Background knowledge

You've surely already heard in the media that food or medicines have had to be recalled because foreign bodies such as plastic particles were found in end products. There is a high risk of suffocation for consumers in the case of larger foreign bodies, since they get stuck and block the respiratory tracts to a great extent. The consequences of this have major financial effects and the brand's image suffers. Here are a few current or well-known recalls as an example:

In general, the numbers of recorded recalls of food products contaminated with pieces of plastic or rubber have more than doubled in 2016, according to a report by the trade magazine "Quality Assurance & Food Safety".

Process optimisation to the next level

Detectable cable ties, tags, writing material, etc. have already been established in large parts of the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. With our Pharmaflex Detect, which is now new on the market, you can further increase the secure transport routes for your goods and the detectability of your security processes (e.g. HACCP process), thereby preventing risks and avoiding additional costs.

Unisto Pharmaflex Detect and its properties

The special manufacture of this tamper-evident adjustable-length security seal is based on our Unisto Pharmaflex. Through the loose manufacture and a special process, plastic fragments are prevented from falling into containers or bags that are used to transport liquids, powder, etc. In addition, Pharmaflex Detect is manufactured with a specially developed, food compliant plastic compound with a detectable filler. Security seals or parts of them that are accidentally knocked off can, under certain circumstances, end up in the goods to be processed. In the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, in particular, foreign particles are identified and sorted out by means of metal detectors or X-ray machines. The entire Pharmaflex Detect, or also parts of it, can be identified, thanks to the metal portion included, which is not the case with a conventional plastic security seal.

The raw materials used fulfil the following guidelines and regulations:

Advantages at a glance

  • Even small pieces can be detected by a metal detector or X-ray machine
  • Depending on the requirements, Pharmaflex Detect is available with different and customer-specific percentage of metal
  • Fullfills the requirements of the HACCP-procedure (HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • Produced loose and with a food compliant plastic compound
  • In blue colour for simple visual detection in line with the industry standard
  • Customer name/logo for clear identification

Recommended test quantity

The type of detector, the technical possibilities of the machine, their calibration status, the speed of the conveyor belts and the consistency of the goods influence the detectability. We therefore recommend obtaining a small quantity from us to use in running tests. Our team will be happy to help you further.